Inspirational speech contest

In addition to the annual contests described below, this year for the first time there will be a speech contest in Swedish:

  • The Inspirational Speech Contest. This contest will not be held at the club level. The first level of this competition will be at the Area conference, which is to be held in Stockholm (tentatively on April 13). You are encouraged to present your speech at an RSTM club meeting beforehand, but it is not required.

If you win that contest, you go on to compete at the Division conference in Malmö (April 20-21).

Competing in a contest is a great experience, whether you win or not! This is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself by competing in Swedish. If you are interested in representing ReadSoft Toastmasters in this competition, email us at or speak to a board member at an upcoming meeting.

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Time to sign up for spring contests!

Contests are a great way to challenge yourself and practice your skills. RSTM’s spring contests will be held on the evening of March 11:

  • The International Speech Contest. At this contest, each contestant presents an original 5- to 7-minute speech on the subject of their choice (similar to a Competent Communication manual speech). The speech must be held in English.
    To be eligible, you must be a member and you must have completed at least six speeches from the Competent Communication manual prior to the club contest.
    The International Speech Contest is judged according to this ballot.
  • The Evaluation Contest. For this contest, everyone listens to an example speech. Then each all evalutation contest participants leave the room. They return one at a time and perform an evaluation of that speech. This is all done in English.
    To be eligible, you must be a member of SITM.
    The Evaluation Contest is judged according to this ballot.

The winner of each contest will advance to the Area G1 contest. The area contest winner advances to the Division G contest in Malmö. The division winner advances to the District 59 contest in Antwerp…. Onward and upward!

You can enter both contests, or take a role at the meeting, participate in the judging, or simply attend the meeting and be part of the excitement.

The meeting roles

  • Contest participants. Participants can get credit in their manuals. If you want credit, you must arrange to have your presentation evaluated in writing after the contest. (No normal evaluations are presented during the contest meeting.)
  • Contest Chair. The Contest Chair is the person who plans the contest. That person can get credit for Project 6 in their Competent Leadership manual: Organization and Delegation (Organize Club Speech Contest).
  • Contest Master. The Contest Master is like the Toastmaster of the Evening. The Contest Master explains how each contest will be held, how judging will be done (how the ballots are to be filled in), who will count the ballots, etc. He explains the agenda, introduces the Timer, and the contestants, and so on. (Written instructions are available.) A member with this role can get credit for Project 8 in their Competent Leadership manual: Motivation (Contest Chair), or for Project 10: Team Building (Club Speech Contest Chair).
  • Timer. The Timer’s role is very important at a contest meeting, because contestants are disqualified if they go too far over or under the allotted time. The Timer can get credit in the Competent Leadership manual.

More information about contests is available here (scroll to the bottom of the page there).

To sign up for a contest or for a role at the contest meeting, sign up as usual on EasySpeak, or email

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Dec. 17 meeting cancelled – see you January 14!

We were a little overambitious when we scheduled a meeting for December 17. Many people reported early (thank you!) that they were not able to attend, so the meeting has been cancelled.

Our first 2013 meeting is scheduled for January 14. Let’s come back from the holidays with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to becoming better speakers and leaders!

Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for the constructive feedback that you’ve offered me and each other at Toastmasters during 2012. We achieved a lot this year – starting from nothing and achieving our charter in October! ReadSoft Toastmasters currently has 23 members and is going strong. Great!

Happy Holidays! Keep safe!
Your club President, Eileen

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ReadSoft Toastmasters achieves its charter

We are pleased to announce that our club was granted its official club charter at the end of October 2012. We now have 22 members, with more on their way in.

What is a club charter, you ask? Well, it means that we were able to gather 20 members and submit an amazing amount of paperwork. It means that we are officially a club in good standing with Toastmasters International, and are listed in their “Find a Club” list. This makes it easier for people who are new to Kista and greater Stockholm to find us. Finally, it means our members can participate and compete in area and division conferences and contests.

This is the start of a journey that will last many years. ReadSoft Toastmasters will continue offering opportunities to improve our public speaking and leadership skills according to Toastmasters proven’ and internationally recognized program. Whatever your level of skill and confidence, we can help!

Congratulations, everyone, and thank you for helping to make this happen!

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ReadSoft Toastmasters is a corporate-sponsored Toastmasters club that is open to the public. We meet in Kista (north of Stockholm) every other Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. Our meetings are held in Swedish and English — you speak whatever language you are most comfortable with or wish to practice.

We look forward to increasing our membership in the coming months. One advantage to starting with a new club is that you can have a major impact on how things are done in the new club. People are less set in their ways and there are many leadership opportunities.

Join us!

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