Other membership options

Six-month membership

You may pay your membership twice a year instead of annually. In that case the membership fee is 2 x 625 kronor (due September 30 and March 31) instead of 1200 kronor.

The 250 kronor for a new member is always charged in full when a member first joins Toastmasters.

Note: Our club pays your dues to Toastmasters International twice yearly, for fixed periods (October 1 – March 31 and April 1 – September 30). If you are a member indefinitely and are simply paying twice yearly instead of once yearly, then this detail is not likely to affect you. If you are a temporary member (for example during a short assignment in Sweden), this can affect you. For example, a member wanting to participate from January through June technically straddles two payment periods. Our club would only request that you pay the half-year fee. Then you would technically fall in the April – September group. You would notice this in the timing of your Toastmaster magazines, among other things.


To transfer your membership from one club to another, you must pay a full membership fee to the new club.

To avoid having to join Toastmasters International as a new member (and incurring the extra fee), provide the Treasurer with your existing club number and/or your old email address, if it has changed since your last membership.

If you are transferring from another club in District 59 (Europe), please provide your EasySpeak user name. This will help us to transfer you in the EasySpeak system.

Dual membership

You are of course free to be a member of more than one club. (In fact, this is encouraged.) For example, some of our members also belong Stockholm Toastmasters (a Swedish-speaking club) or Stockholm International Toastmasters (an English-speaking club).

Dual members pay the full membership fee to both/all of their clubs.

Questions? Email treasurer@rstm.se.

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