Presenting a speech to a non-Toastmasters audience

According to Toastmaster International rules, you can present a maximum of two speeches per manual to a non-Toastmasters audience, if:

  • The speech is carefully prepared to allow the speaker (you) to focus on the project objectives.
  • The speech receives both written and verbal evaluations from a Toastmasters member.

To get credit for your speech:

  1. Request a speech on our website in the usual way (click “Request a speech”).
  2. Then send an email to your Vice President Education (VPE – with the details of when to whom you will present your speech.
  3. Arrange for a Toastmasters member to attend and evaluate your speech.
  4. Inform your VPE when it is done, and s/he can confirm in EasySpeak that you did it.

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