Instructions for the Timekeeper

It is the Timekeeper’s duty to use the stopwatch to check how long people speak. To show each speaker how much time they have left, you signal them using the “traffic light”. This helps people to stay within their allotted time. You are assisting each speaker, and you are also helping us to keep the meeting from going over time.

Arrive in good time at the meeting and find out (or review) how to use the stopwatch and traffic light.

During the meeting, you will:

  1. Explain your role briefly at the meeting (why we keep time, and how you will do it).
  2. Time each speaker, and show them their time status by displaying the green, yellow, and red lights. (The only parts of the meeting that are not timed are the Toastmaster’s final wrap-up and the President’s comments at the end.
  3. Write down the speakers’ final times, and report those times when requested to do so by the Toastmaster or General Evaluator. At our club, the Timekeeper often stays at his spot and does not go to the front of the room.

Note: The President, Toastmaster, General Evaluator, Word of the Day, and Table Topic Master are timed but not reported. That means that you time them, and show these speakers their times using the flip chart, but you do not include them in your report(s). This is to help those role-takers stay within their allotted time, but without faulting them if they find it necessary to go over time.

Ask another member to fill in your Leadership manual after the meeting, to get feedback and to get credit towards a Competent Leader award.

Are you wondering whether you are ready to perform this role?

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