Instructions for the Sergeant at Arms

Before the meeting

  • In advance: Purchase candy or cookies for the meeting. (You can get reimbursed for this — give the Treasurer the receipt and your bank account number.)
  • In advance: There is a big board that we put in the courtyard, in front of the beams in front of our door. This can be put out earlier in the day to attract new guests. But have it out there by 5:30 at the latest.
  • Also by 5:30: Put the A4 signs on the outside door downstairs and on our office door.
  • Print a copy of the agenda: Browse to the meeting page in EasySpeak and click Agenda. (Actually, you may need to print out enough agendas for everyone, unless the Toastmaster of the Evening is providing them.)
  • Put out materials for the expected number of attendees. (Count on the attendees that you see on the agenda, plus guests.)
  • Put the timer equipment where the Timekeeper usually sits.
  • Check that the room looks presentable. (Move unneeded items from tables to drawers. See that the white boards are clean. Etc.)
  • Set out name tag basket and Guest List book. (These are kept in the R&D filing room.)
  • Hang our club’s banner in a prominent position.
  • If any of the speakers need the projector, they are supposed to contact us in advance so that we can help him or her connect to it and test it.
  • Optional: Hang our club’s progress charts and member status diagram on the white board with magnets.
  • Set out materials for guests. We hand out Toastmaster magazines, if we have extras, plus a printout of speech project 1 from the CC manual.
  • Prepare a bowl of fruit, napkins or paper towels, and plenty of water and glasses for the meeting room. And the candy!

After the meeting

  • Collect and pack away name tags, charts, unused evaluation forms, and all other materials.
  • Return the room to the condition you found it in. (Put away fruit bowl, glasses, etc.)
  • Return our banner to its storage place.
  • Bring the whiteboard and A4 signs inside to the storage place.


Arrange for a substitute or assistant to do these things if you will not be attending the meeting, cannot be there in time to do it all yourself, or for any other reason wish to share the responsibility. Delegate!

(There is a Knowledge Base article for this role.)

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