Instructions for Table Topic speakers

At Toastmasters, we practice impromptu speaking – speaking “off the cuff,” without preparation and without notes, on a topic you have just been given.

There is no sign-up for table topics. The whole idea is to spontaneously respond to a question. However, if you wish, you can (before the meeting) let the Table Topic Master know that you are interested in participating.

If called upon:

  1. Go to the front and shake the Table Topic Master’s hand.
  2. Listen as your topic as explained. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if something is unclear.
  3. Speak for 1 to 2 minutes about the assigned topic. (It is acceptable to make something up.) You may start by saying, “Fellow Toastmasters, …” or something similar.
    The Timekeeper will display the green page when 1 minute has passed, the yellow page when 1.5 minutes have passed, and the red page when 2 minutes have passed. If you see the red page, you need to wrap up your speech quickly.
  4. Wrap up your speech and shake the Table Topic Master’s hand again, handing the meeting back over to him/her.

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