About our meetings

Club meetings are held at Brygghuset near Odenplan every other Monday evening (odd-numbered weeks) at 6.15 p.m. You may speak English or Swedish.

Meetings usually consist of three main parts:

  1. Table Topics, where members hold unprepared, or impromptu, speeches.
  2. Prepared speeches, where members present speeches from their manuals.
  3. Evaluations, where the grammarian, timekeeper, and evaluators give feedback.

Members also serve in different roles at every meeting:

  • The Toastmaster of the Evening, who leads the meeting and introduces speakers.
  • The Table Topic Master, who prepares questions to ask and leads the table topic session.
  • Speech Evaluators, who give feedback on speeches.
  • The Timekeeper, who times speeches and signals when speakers go over time.
  • The Grammarian, who gives feedback on the use of language, as well as proper usage of English.
  • The Ah-counter, who gives feedback on the use of filler words/sounds such as “um” and “ah”.
  • The General Evaluator, who evaluates the evaluators and other role takers and provides guidance on how to maintain and improve our meetings.
  • (The Sergeant at Arms and the club President have fixed roles at the meetings, but occasionally another member may be asked to fill in.)

Participation by serving in meeting roles is an important part of the learning experience. Members get to practice leading meetings effectively, introducing speakers, handling unexpected changes, listening actively, giving constructive feedback in nice way, motivating others, and other valuable public-speaking and leadership skills.

Our meetings typically last until about 8:00 p.m. There is a short break scheduled during the meeting.

More information

Would you like to participate as a guest?

Do you need more information about being an assigned speaker (prepared speeches) or table topic speaker?

Are you wondering whether you are ready to accept a role?

Do you have a question about procedures and routines (for example how to sign up for speeches or other roles)?

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