Instructions for Speech Evaluators

Right before the meeting

Arrive at the meeting a little early.

Talk to your assigned speaker to find out if there is anything special that he or she would like you to focus on.

Find out title and time of the speech. (Normally this is on the agenda.)

Find out which project the speech is for, and familiarize yourself with the purpose of the speech and how it is to be evaluated.

During the meeting

When requested to, briefly describe the purpose of the speaker’s project.

Listen carefully during the speech (be aware of your body language), and take notes.

When requested to, go to the front and present your verbal evaluation (max. 3 minutes).

  • Use the sandwich technique.
  • Speak mainly to the person who presented the speech, but also to the rest of the group.
  • Be encouraging, and try to be motivate the speaker to do even better next time.
  • There is no need to present ALL of your feedback. (You will fill out the evaluation form in the manual, as well.)

Fill out the written evaluation in the speaker’s manual.

Ask another member to fill in your Leadership manual, if you want credit for the role.

Are you wondering whether you are ready to perform this role?

More information.

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