I’m ready to present a speech. How do I get on the agenda?

You can do two things:

  • Use the EasySpeak system to request a speech.
    All members are registered in this system, which Toastmasters clubs in District 59 (Europe) use to manage their agendas and other club information. Click Request a Speech under My Participation (on the left side). Fill in the details on each tab (the title can wait) and click Save.
    Do this for each speech that you want to request. You are welcome to request several speeches in advance, if you are the sort of person who likes to plan ahead.
    Don’t know your user name or password? Send an email to your Vice President Education.
  • Simply email your request to your VPE (see above).

After you submit your request, the club’s VPE (or other member managing the agenda) will add your speech to a meeting agenda.

You will receive an automated reminder in good time before the meeting (at least six days but normally about ten days before the meeting).

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