Are you ready to take a role at a Toastmasters meeting?

How do you know if you are ready? Below are some guidelines. Speak to your mentor or a more advanced member if you are unsure.

Speech evaluator
Evaluators play an important role at Toastmasters meetings. Evaluations are the reason most of us come to Toastmasters, so we want to ensure that they are constructive and that they serve to encourage and motivate the speaker.

You are probably ready to begin evaluating others’ speeches if you are at least one or two projects ahead of the speech you are evaluating.

To evaluate a speech from an advanced communication manual, you should be an experienced member (though you need not necessarily have completed exactly the same speech that you are evaluating).

All other roles
You can sign up for these roles when you have seen them in action and feel ready to give them a try. There is no need to complete a prepared speech before you try these roles. Remember the saying: Toastmasters is a safe place to fail.

Signing up and preparing
Sign up for a role on the online agenda in EasySpeak, or email your VPE to express your interest.

After you accept a role, be sure to prepare yourself by reading the instructions (there are links to them on the Meetings menu or on the Meetings page) and preparing whatever materials you might need.

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