Word of the Day

Word of the Day (WOD) has two main purposes:

  • To help us learn to think on our feet by introducing a small distraction in the circumstances of the meeting. Every person who speaks at the meeting is encouraged to use the WOD. This means that they not only have to think about what they were going to say (or their prepared speech) but figure out a way to get this new word into it. It’s a fun little challenge that stretches us.
  • To help us improve our vocabulary.

If you are assigned the Word of the Day role at a Toastmasters meeting:

  • Select an appropriate word. What’s “appropriate”? A word that is a little bit challenging, yet not so obscure that people won’t be able to fit it into what they’re saying. Need ideas? Google Toastmasters word of the day!
  • Be prepared to define the word.
  • Have an example or two.

… all in Swedish or Engish or both.

At the meeting

When your role is introduced, explain in your own words why we have WOD.

Write the word on the white board at the back of the room, so that speakers can see it while they are standing at the front.

Briefly explain the WOD and provide examples.

Remind attendees that when we hear the WOD, we acknowledge it by knocking on the table.

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