Up for a debate?

Love debates? Here is your chance with Everyday Toastmasters!

Everyday situations at work and at leisure, more often than not, demand quick thinking to establish a position and use appropriate arguments to convince the listeners to adopt your point of view. That one impromptu meeting might be the make or break factor in the success of your project or in acquiring a future client.

What is the best way to train and prepare for this? To practice prepared debates. After all, debates are the best way to improve your critical listening skills, your ability to adapt your message based on how the situation progresses, and your ability to build logical arguments.

After two successful trial runs, we are now making prepared debates a regular part of our agenda. You are invited to come participate as a debate participant, as a listener, or as one of the debate judges.

As a participant, you would have up to three minutes to deliver a speech for or against the topic. While part of the duration could be a prepared speech, the important part is countering the arguments of speakers from the opposing team.

As a debate judge, you would keep score of the arguments and counter-arguments and help determine the outcome of the debate by choosing the winner.

Debate evenings

Debates are planned for:

  • February 19, 2018
  • June 11, 2018

The debates are held at Studiefrämjandet at 18:15. Come join us!

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