At the “Club Business” part of our June 15 meeting, we will elect the new board of ReadSoft Toastmasters.

Our new board will serve from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact a current board member. Board roles are described very briefly below.

There is a lot more information available in the Club Leadership Handbook. But don’t let the handbook scare you. Each board position has basic required duties, but the handbook describes many other things you could do if you wanted to make a board position into a full-time job….

None of the roles require any previous experience. The only requirements are interest and enthusiasm. The other board members will help you. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested. The more, the merrier!

    • President: Leads the board, schedules board meetings, introduces most meetings. What the President normally does at each meeting is described here.
    • Vice President Membership: Works to build membership, take care of guests, answer noob questions. ;-)
    • Treasurer: Keeps track of club finances. Unless there is any objection, Eileen will continue in this role, since she has the bank account, financial records, etc.
    • Vice President Education: At our club, the main part of this role is to schedule club meetings and finalize the agenda. This requires regular participation, because you have to know the members and be able to encourage them to take appropriate roles. It is a rewarding role because you have the opportunity to really help the club members make progress. Also you become very proficient on EasySpeak. :-)
    • Sergeant at Arms: The SaA role mostly involves setting up the room before a meeting, and restoring it afterwards. Jenny is willing to continue in this role. She is also willing to step aside if someone else is interested. Or two people can share it. At least one SaA should be a ReadSoft employee, because the SaA needs access to the materials we keep in a storage room.
    • Vice President Public Relations: Promote the club to the local community. This is not required for each club, but would be very good to have.
    • Secretary: Take notes at meetings, offer input, keep track of what decisions were made. This is not required for each club, but would be nice.

As a club officer you will learn and improve leadership skills. You will also have a lot of influence in how our club is run, as well as pride in its success. Join us!

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