Our spring contests are almost upon us!

Contests are a great way to challenge yourself and practice your skills. They are a great experience, whether you win or not!

The ReadSoft Toastmasters spring contests will be held on the evening of March 23:

  • The International Speech Contest. At this contest, each contestant presents an original 5- to 7-minute speech on the subject of their choice (similar to a Competent Communication manual speech). The speech must be held in English.

    To participate, you must be a member of RSTM. To be eligible to win and represent our club at the Area level, you must have completed at least six speeches from the Competent Communication manual prior to the contest (or five, with your participation on March 23 counting as the sixth).
    The International Speech Contest is judged according to this ballot.

  • The Evaluation Contest. For this contest, everyone listens to an example speech. Then all evaluation contest participants leave the room. They return one at a time and perform an evaluation of that speech. This is all done in English.
    To participate and be eligible to win, you must be a member of RSTM.
    The Evaluation Contest is judged according to this ballot.

The winner of each contest will advance to the Area G1 contest, which will take place on April 11 in Stockholm. The area contest winner advances to the Division G contest on April 25-26 in Århus, Denmark. The division winner advances to the District 95 contest on May 24-25 in Borås…. Onward and upward!

You can still enter both contests, or take a role at the meeting, participate in the judging, or simply attend the meeting and be part of the excitement.

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