Up for a debate?

Love debates? Here is your chance with Everyday Toastmasters!

Everyday situations at work and at leisure, more often than not, demand quick thinking to establish a position and use appropriate arguments to convince the listeners to adopt your point of view. That one impromptu meeting might be the make or break factor in the success of your project or in acquiring a future client.

What is the best way to train and prepare for this? To practice prepared debates. After all, debates are the best way to improve your critical listening skills, your ability to adapt your message based on how the situation progresses, and your ability to build logical arguments.

After two successful trial runs, we are now making prepared debates a regular part of our agenda. You are invited to come participate as a debate participant, as a listener, or as one of the debate judges.

As a participant, you would have up to three minutes to deliver a speech for or against the topic. While part of the duration could be a prepared speech, the important part is countering the arguments of speakers from the opposing team.

As a debate judge, you would keep score of the arguments and counter-arguments and help determine the outcome of the debate by choosing the winner.

Debate evenings

Debates are planned for:

  • February 19, 2018
  • June 11, 2018

The debates are held at Studiefrämjandet at 18:15. Come join us!

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Mark your calendars!

Here are the dates for our next meetings:

January 22
February 5
February 19
March 5
March 19

All meetings are held at 6:15 p.m. at Bryggarsalen/Studiefrämjandet, Norrtullsgatan 12N.

Members, use EasySpeak to tell us whether you’re coming and to sign up for speeches and roles. Guests, all you need to do is show up.

Hope to see you there! 

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Fall contest winners

Yesterday we held our club’s Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Speech Contest. Congratulations to all club members who took part! It was a fun evening.

The winners are …
Khurram Bhatti won first place in both contests. He’ll go on to represent our club in the upcoming area conference this Saturday. (Read a summary of Toastmasters he posted on LinkedIn.) Congratulations Khurram and best of luck on Saturday!

Jenny Bristle took second place in the Table Topics Speech Contest. Congratulations!

And a big thanks to everyone who attended the meeting. See you on October 5!

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Welcome back!

Hello, friends! Welcome back to Toastmasters after what has hopefully been a pleasant summer for all of you! Our first meeting will be this coming Monday, August 24th at 6 p.m.

Members can use the tmclub.eu link in the right column of this page to go to the website, RSVP and sign up for speeches and roles. Guests, all you need to do is show up! (I highly recommend using the map that you can access on the right.)

See you soon!

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The 2015-2016 Toastmasters Year is the year of extended possibilities!

Languages for all contests that will take place for clubs in the Division G in 2015-2016 Toastmasters year:

Fall Contest 2015 – both Table Topics Contest & Humorous Speech Contest

Club competitions: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & German

Area: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & German

Division: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & German

District: English & German

Spring 2016 Contest – both International Speech Contest & Evaluation Contest:

Club competitions: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & German

Area: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & German

Division: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & German

District: English & German

International Convention: English


A)    To qualify for Inspirational Speech Contest (English) it is required that a members made at least 6 speeches from CC manual, is in good standing (paid dues on time) and is the members of the club in good standing (chartered & paid club dues on time as well).

B)     Contests in other languages than English are not obligatory for our clubs, but they can be a good possibility to discover new talents and open a chance to many outside of your clubs to join you.

C)     Competitions in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish (if any) will end at the Division level both in 2015 Fall and 2016 Spring. District contests are again organized in English and German. And the language for final competitions in 2016 – is only English and only for International Speech competition.

Division G Fall Conference October 17-18, 2015
Tallinn, Estonia http://www.toastmastersconf2015.eu/

District 95 Fall Conference November 20-21, 2015
Prague, Czech Republic http://d95conf.org

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At the “Club Business” part of our June 15 meeting, we will elect the new board of ReadSoft Toastmasters.

Our new board will serve from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact a current board member. Board roles are described very briefly below.

There is a lot more information available in the Club Leadership Handbook. But don’t let the handbook scare you. Each board position has basic required duties, but the handbook describes many other things you could do if you wanted to make a board position into a full-time job….

None of the roles require any previous experience. The only requirements are interest and enthusiasm. The other board members will help you. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested. The more, the merrier!

    • President: Leads the board, schedules board meetings, introduces most meetings. What the President normally does at each meeting is described here.
    • Vice President Membership: Works to build membership, take care of guests, answer noob questions. ;-)
    • Treasurer: Keeps track of club finances. Unless there is any objection, Eileen will continue in this role, since she has the bank account, financial records, etc.
    • Vice President Education: At our club, the main part of this role is to schedule club meetings and finalize the agenda. This requires regular participation, because you have to know the members and be able to encourage them to take appropriate roles. It is a rewarding role because you have the opportunity to really help the club members make progress. Also you become very proficient on EasySpeak. :-)
    • Sergeant at Arms: The SaA role mostly involves setting up the room before a meeting, and restoring it afterwards. Jenny is willing to continue in this role. She is also willing to step aside if someone else is interested. Or two people can share it. At least one SaA should be a ReadSoft employee, because the SaA needs access to the materials we keep in a storage room.
    • Vice President Public Relations: Promote the club to the local community. This is not required for each club, but would be very good to have.
    • Secretary: Take notes at meetings, offer input, keep track of what decisions were made. This is not required for each club, but would be nice.

As a club officer you will learn and improve leadership skills. You will also have a lot of influence in how our club is run, as well as pride in its success. Join us!

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Last meeting before summer break – June 15

The last meeting of our Toastmasters year will be June 15. After that meeting, we will go to the “Cloud Skybar” in Scandic Victoria Tower here in Kista to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and enjoy each others’ company. Please join us!

Our first meeting in the fall is scheduled for August 24. (So no meetings between June 15 and August 24.) Go-getters can already sign up for roles and request speech slots for the first two meetings in the fall.

Something to think about: Sometime in September we will have our fall contests: Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest. Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter what your skill level. It’s a great experience, lots of fun and really good practice. Why not start working on a humorous speech over the summer? You will find lots of information online on how to write a humorous speech, and plenty of time to practice it and try it out on your friends. Another tip is to order the Toastmasters manual Humorously Speaking. As a Toastmasters member, you can log on at Toastmasters.org and order the manual. Let me know if you need assistance with this.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you on Monday, June 15!

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Welcome to the Area G1 Conference!

Welcome to the Spring Area G1 Conference that will be held 11th April on the theme “The Power of Feedback”.
It will start 10.00 and continue to approx 14.30-15.00.
Location: Norrtullsgatan 12N, Stockholm. Room: Sejdeln/Stopet on the 3rd floor.
Cost: 60 kr to be paid at the door.
This is an educational event combined with the area competitions:
- International Speech contest
- Evaluation Speech contest
- Swedish Speech contest
Here is the EasySpeak link to the conference. And here is the Facebook event page.
Hope to see you there!

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… and we have the winners!

Thank you to all of the members and guests who participated in our exciting and well attended club contest night on March 23!

And congratulations to our contest winners:

International Speech Contest, 1st place: Eileen Pålsson
International Speech Contest, 2nd place: Peter Ohlman
Evaluation Contest, 1st place: Lars-Linus Knutsson

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Our spring contests are almost upon us!

Contests are a great way to challenge yourself and practice your skills. They are a great experience, whether you win or not!

The ReadSoft Toastmasters spring contests will be held on the evening of March 23:

  • The International Speech Contest. At this contest, each contestant presents an original 5- to 7-minute speech on the subject of their choice (similar to a Competent Communication manual speech). The speech must be held in English.

    To participate, you must be a member of RSTM. To be eligible to win and represent our club at the Area level, you must have completed at least six speeches from the Competent Communication manual prior to the contest (or five, with your participation on March 23 counting as the sixth).
    The International Speech Contest is judged according to this ballot.

  • The Evaluation Contest. For this contest, everyone listens to an example speech. Then all evaluation contest participants leave the room. They return one at a time and perform an evaluation of that speech. This is all done in English.
    To participate and be eligible to win, you must be a member of RSTM.
    The Evaluation Contest is judged according to this ballot.

The winner of each contest will advance to the Area G1 contest, which will take place on April 11 in Stockholm. The area contest winner advances to the Division G contest on April 25-26 in Århus, Denmark. The division winner advances to the District 95 contest on May 24-25 in Borås…. Onward and upward!

You can still enter both contests, or take a role at the meeting, participate in the judging, or simply attend the meeting and be part of the excitement.

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